Her Voice Might Tremble, But Emma Watson’s Message Is Strong And Clear

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As of September 15,Planned Parenthood of Hidalgo changes it’s name to Access Esperanza Clinics Inc. 

We are leaving the Planned Parenthood federation and will now operate as Access Esperanza Clinics Inc., and independent non-profit organization. 

"We are changing our name to provide greater access to preventive health care for more low-income Valley women and men"

Activists and writers have long argued that there are “racist elements” or “racist injustices” embedded in our current crisis of mass incarceration. [Michelle] Alexander would have us push this claim much further, arguing that mass incarceration is “a stunningly comprehensive and well-disguised system of racialized social control that functions in a manner strikingly similar to Jim Crow.” She disarms the popular notion that it is somehow wrong to discuss a modern Jim Crow in the age of Barack Obama, noting that “no other country in the world imprisons so many of its racial or ethnic minorities. The United States imprisons a a larger percentage of its black population then South Africa did at the height of apartheid.” In Alexander’s rendering Jim Crow didn’t die so much as it mutated.
Books for the Horde: The New Jim Crow, Chapter One (via azspot)